Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Filesonic Premium Account 29 June

Following is the Username and Password:-

Username :
Password : chiana19

Above Account is 100% Working on 29 June but may not work tomorrow.

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Google Extends Ad Targeting Based on Browsing History

28 June 2011

Instead of seeing irrelevant ads that you have no interest in while you browse, you may have noticed the ads are becoming more targeted. Google has been running interest-based advertising in beta for two years and it is now available to all AdWords advertisers. Advertisers can join the Google Display Network to provide ads to users based on their browsing history.

This advertising gives exposure to your company based on the interests of the browser. Essentially, this option allows advertisers to behaviorally target users. 
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Filesonic Premium Accounts 28 June


Below Accounts are 100% working today but may not work tomorrow.

Following is the Username & Password:-

Username :
Password : 870d1E0c

Username : 
Password : hakermania

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Filesonic New Premium Account 27 June

Filesonic 1x Premium Account 27\6\2011

We are Finally back with New Filesonic Premium Account.

Following is the Username and password:-

Username : Informa2012k
Password : 123456

Keep visiting for more premium accounts :)

Thank You!!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Filesonic Premium Account 23 June

Following are the usernames & passwords:-

Login :
Pass : kenchula

Login :
Pass : leeloo

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Premium Account[Filesonic] 20 June

Account is working today( 19 june)

Following is the Username & Password:-

FileSonic Account 19 June:-
Username : cybercrack
Password :

Username :
Password : 213trick

Update: Above Account Stopped Working So here is a new account 20 June


Username :
Password : sightings

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hotfile Premium Accounts | 16 June

All these account are 100% working.
Following are the username & Passwords:-
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Filesonic 16 June Premium Account

We are back with some more Filesonic Premium accounts.

All account are working till now( 16 june)

Following are the Usernames & Passwords:-
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Filesonic premium account 14 June 100% working | Only For Today

Hey All the previous accounts stopped working so i am giving you new Account:-

Following is the username and password:-

Username :
Password : kane22

Above account is valid only for today(14 June)
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Filesonic New Fresh Premium Account 12 June

11 June, 2011

Hi, The previous accounts i posted stopped working now, so I am giving you new Account which is 100% working.
Filesonic Premium Account 11 June 2011

Following is the username and password:-
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LetUsFollow – Get more Twitter followers and Facebook fans | Twiends Alternative

LetUsFollow is a community based website which lets you get more Twitter followers and Facebook page Likes. To encourage users to follow you, credits are offered as incentive when they follow you and vice versa. You are given some credits when you create an account and can earn more credits by following others or by refering your friends.

LetUsFollow allows you to target your audience on the basis of age-group, gender, country and interest thereby maximizing the output of your efforts. And most importantly, the services offered by LetUsFollow are completely free. LetUsFollow aims to become the leading platform for social media marketing and help companies and individuals grow their network.

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Site2Sms - Send Free Long & Unlimited Sms With

Site2sms :- a blend of Mobile & Online advertising platform, is the perfect Digital site for advertisers to reach the mobile audience very easily and effectively. Reason to Choose 
  1. India’s No.1 Free Messaging Service Provider
  2. India’s 1st portal to offer 260 Characters Long Sms Service
  3. Send Free Unlimited SMS
  4. No Ads with SMS (Best & Exclusive Feature)
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Letsbuy New Rs. 100 Discount Coupon On Nokia Mobiles | Letsbuy Nokia Coupon

New Coupon By Letsbuy For Nokia Mobile Buyers
Get Additional Rs.100 Discount on any Mobile
Following is the Coupon Code:-
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Filesonic New 10 June Premium Account 100% working

Hey I am back with a New Filesonic Premium Account.
This account is 100% Till now(10 June 2011)

Following is the Username and Passwords:-
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Fiat Grande Punto Test Drive | Fiat Grande Punto Full Review

Click on the above banner to Request for Test Drive.
The Fiat Punto 90 HP Multijet is powered by the next generation Variable Geometry Turbo engine that maximises power and fuel efficiency.

    • Fiat’s Flagship Award Winning Technology
    • Benchmark in Power and Fuel Efficiency
    • Better Drivability
    • Lower Emission
    • Generates 93PS Power & 209NM Torque
    • Design & Quality - (5/5)
    • Comfort Levels -             (4/5)
    • Performance -                 (4/5)
    • Ride Quality -                  (4/5)
    • Handling -                        (4/5)
    • Fuel Efficiency-           (3.5/5)
    • Safety -                           (4/5)
    • Value for Money -          (4/5)
  • Rs.6,79,000 (Ex. Showroom, Delhi)
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Get Free Taj Mahal Tea Sample

Hindustan Unilever Once again Comesup With Good Morning Offer Where You get a chance to Experience a Cup of Tea.
Offer Details :
Some meditate for decades to find true happiness, we think an hour is enough. Taj Tea Trail, a tea tasting and appreciation workshop and go on a journey which reveals the mystery behind this exotic drink. A journey that will transform you from a tea lover to a tea connoisseur. Along the way, we’ll master together the art of making a perfect cup of tea, figure out what to do with an orange peel, test our TQ (tea quotient!) and more…all while having some traditional tea time snacks.
Here Just Fill Your Details by Visiting Here & Get Your Free Sample of Taj Mahal Tea Pack.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

New June 2 Filesonic 100% working Premium Accounts | Fresh filesonic premium account

As we all know Filesonic is getting very much famous for uploading and most of the websites are uploading their files on it.
So i did a long search to find the premium accounts.
And I just found the Premium Accounts of filesonic.
I have many more accounts of Hotfile and filesonic. If you want then just leave a comment or Contact us.

Following are the Username and Passwords:-
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