Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marketing Plan and Analysis

Business Consulting Services

Looking for a Business Plan? Taktik’s group of experienced consultants provides professional services such as Business planning and analysis, Marketing plan and analysis, product development, social media strategies and so on to businesses. We assist in making a business grow from vision to value.

Our focus is to help small, medium even start up Canadian businesses to realize and reach their business objectives by controlling costs, creating positive cash flows, and speeding up profitability by means of identifying and dealing with their existing obstacles to growth.

With a vision to be acknowledged as a major in small and mid level business consulting, training and advisory marketing services that endow value, development, and results; We achieve this by helping businesses to put together the necessary foundations, make their business direction advance, as well as smooth the progress of acquiring the skills and people essential to meet up their company goals.

Business Consulting is our prime solo Business

Our business consultants are well- qualified and work with small and medium sized businesses. We are specialists in preparing business plans, marketing plan, budgets, strategies and business cases. In order to get your business or project financed, it’s important for you to present your capitalists with a professional business plan.

Business Consulting

We are business consulting services with realistic business plans, consulting and technology consulting to assist your business growing with efficiency increase, value and profits. We are located in Victoria, BC and we welcome our clients in and around BC.

We have experience in providing marketing consulting services to the leading companies and we have excelled in helping them achieve marketing authorization in creating customized and practical strategies to make the most on their market prospects; sorting through numerous options for generating demands to establish the most favorable marketing mix; and assessing marketing programs to noticeably progress in their performance.

Business Owners should know when Our Services will benefit Their Business:

When you need an investor or financier and at the time, when the investor asks you for a feasibility study to confirm your project or business is viable.
  • During profitability or growth issues and when you are seeking for changes, you are required to turn things around.
  • When you are helpless and have to turn down orders as you cannot finance the fulfillment.
  • To present banks with your business plan so that they can lend you money.
  • At the time of selling your business but you do not receive valuable offers as expected for your business.
  • At the time of your efficiency concerns in your business.
  • If you have high staff turnover.
  • At the time when dealing with current competitive threats is impossible.
  • If you are unaware of what marketing strategies are needed to help sales to develop in your business.
Most of all when people have innovative ideas for new products or services, but they are not well acquainted with what market is ideal for them, figure out the value proposition, and a strict business plan that one most importantly needs in order to launch.
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