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5 Local Directories that Rank Better after Google Pigeon Update: An Analysis

Local Directories after Google Pigeon Algorithm Update

The Google Pigeon Update has been brought into effect largely affecting the business of several websites worldwide. As per the Google, the update has taken effect since July 28 and thereafter for the English results in the US. There is no detailed information available about whether it is going to affect the online business ventures in other nations or not. However, some early steps can be a savior for the UK based local businesses. The SEO professionals are of the opinion that the webmasters should consider this high time to review their SEO strategies to ensure complete safety.

The Google Pigeon Update largely affected the local directory listing of many businesses causing a downfall in the traffic on their website. As per the reports of the MOZ Cast, the SERP graph showed significant fall in the queries resulting from local business directories after the 23 July 2014. The experts are of the opinion that this may occur due to the disappearance of the website name from the local business directories.

Following are the top 5 important local business directories that are doing better even after the advent of the Google Pigeon Update is listed below. For the overall online exposure and accomplishment of the marketing goals, listing your business on these directories definitely adds value to your brand exposure and identity. Here is a small synopsis of each of these websites and their important features that make them worthy enough.

The Touch Local Business Directory inaugurated its operations in 2005. Today it is the most eminent and widespread business directory network based in the UK. The small businesses can easily join this network by completing some necessary steps and gain additional benefits free of cost. Every month about 4000 to 6000 new businesses join this directory making it the largest online business directory with more than 600,000 existing members. After gaining enormous success in the UK, they are planning their expansion in foreign nations.
Touch Local is powered by the Scoot search company network. Together the Touch Local group work in a collaborative environment to provide the best search experience to the users helping them to gain access to the local businesses, sellers, service providers and much more. With the Touch Local directory ready at hand, the audiences have the scope to find multiple options relevant to their browsing requirements.

Touch Local along with its partner Scoot facilitates the business owners with a number of tools and services to promote growth of their company and succeed in their online marketing ventures. Over the years, their efforts have helped the business owners to improve their relations with the customers conveniently.

The Scoot Directory Listing Website was established in 1998. The Scoot is the frontrunner among the search companies based in the UK. With large business directories including Touch Local, The Sun, The Independent, and The Mirror, within the ambit of its network, the platform privileges the businesses to promote their marketing stuff on several important search networks.

Today Scoot has acquired more than 2 million listings of local businesses based in the UK and offer the users with the most updated and quality information for an enhanced online access to the products and services of their choice. In addition to business listings, Scoot offers several useful services to the business owners.

 The Scoot Network facilitates the audiences with useful information and fabulous search experience. Along with the business listings, you can also publish other information including acceptable payment gateways, Maps, images and videos, promo codes and coupon offers, link to the websites and much more. Apart from providing accurate information, the network also empowers the audiences to express their opinion and experiences through their reviews, give ratings, and leave recommendations about the local businesses for the users so that they find the most convenient option through user generated informative reviews by real customers.

The was launched in 2003 by the Bristol based web developer Martin Turner. This has emerged as the most convenient platform for the businesses of all types, sizes and categories with their origin and operations in the UK to advertise their products and services in the most exquisite way free of cost. At present, the directory is listed with over 1 million members and over 415,000 organizations have registered with this directory services.
One of the major beneficial aspects for the users is that the businesses are listed as per the ratings and performance in the market. Therefore, you can expect the best recommendations every time. The users can find information about all types of businesses, read about various companies’ profiles, reviews from real consumers, watch videos and images, and much more. The business listing and viewing is available completely free.
The Freeindex authorities also run the Multiquote service that allows the users to receive the 5 potential quotes from businesses owners in your desired product and service category within an hour. The company running on strict business ethics has set up spam detector systems to filter out malicious contents, false profile contents and exaggerated reviews to provide quality information.

The website is developed for the small and midsized businesses based in the UK. Founded in 1996, it is one of the oldest and highly recognized directories listing service provider in both the print and the online media. The website is part of the group of Hibu website directories operating several countries including the UK, the US, Spain, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. The is only meant for users and businesses in the UK. Beginning their business ventures in the print directory services, today the company has developed to offer online directory assistance to the SMBs in the UK.
Business listing with provides the opportunity to access a number of services that help to promote their products and services and boost the growth of their company. The companies can create their portfolio for the print media, obtain exposure over the online directory, raise organic traffic on their website through search marketing services, and acquire space on the search engines through paid PPC advertisements, directory assistance services over phone, and much more. The yell authorities are highly dedicated to provide authentic informative content and widely elaborative company profiles of business organizations from diverse categories to benefit the users.

The Foursquare local search directory listing services was launched in 11 March 2009 by the joint efforts of Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley. Within a short span of time of just four years, the directory has turned out to be the most valuable search destination with over 45 million registered users in December 2013. Developed in the backdrop of the most advanced technology, the system facilitate the users to perform personalized search even on their smartphones using their mobile app. Using the Foursquare information you can find the best places to visit for a coffee or find the best restaurant in your town and much more.
The Foursquare also regulates a social networking platform that allows the users to share their location with friends and associates. Apart from English, the system also offers information in several other languages including Japanese, German, French, Thai, Spanish, and Turkish etc. Using the Foursquare directory listing facilitate the business owners to use various important features. Apart from the lists, the users can find the recommendations of important places of visit including nightlife, retail outlets, eateries and much more.  

Bottom Line

The Google Pigeon Update is mainly affecting the directory listing of the websites that also influences the traffic presence and sales. The business owners should consider listing their businesses with important local search directories that are performing well and offer a convenient user experience to the audiences. 
evaluate the performance of the different directories and their ranking on the SERPs. Always make sure that your business is listed in the proper category. Provide a detailed portfolio and as much accurate information as possible to ensure that the users are impressed with the authenticity. This helps to build trust in the business market. You can use a rank tracker to test the impact of listing on different directories on your business.

SEO professionals stress the importance of the Carousel on the website ratings, listing and other factors. They suggest that the business owners should place nice high-resolution images on their Google+ profiles to improve their social image and performance on the local search listings. Listing with the local business directories definitely helps to improve the traffic on your website. However, it is important to create an individual local page for business profile exposure on the Google+. This benefits the website to get indexed on the Google local search engine. When listing website with Google+ mention the details like business category, local area code, contact information, relevant keywords etc. If your business is not listed with proper portfolio support then consider approaching some of the abovementioned important local directories in the UK that are performing quite well after the release of this update. 
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