Thursday, May 12, 2011

STAR News exposes Speak Asia Online Scam – Online Fraud Company Report

People always have a feeling that earning online is very easy and its one of the best way to become rich. One of these Richie rich style jobs include trying our online surveys which has always made people fool out of their hard-earned money but still the short cut options make them invest on these. You have to pay a one time sign up fees to these companies and then expect paid surveys of a few hundred rupees each making you to earn a lot of money.
But wait recently a smart company was launched in Singapore which claimed that it had large clients like ICICI Bank who were paying them for research and the company was offering panelists / membership options for around Rs 11000 and within a few months around 13 lakh people already joined in which is seriously a very big number.
Many students and middle-class people have actually taken bank loans and signed up for this company with multiple accounts in a hope to earn back lakhs of Indian Rupees very quickly and also to get many surveys which is what the company is claiming. According to this MLM type program members the more accounts you have, the chances of getting more accounts increases which is why they keep reinvesting and also force their friends / relatives to do the same.
More confidence on this company came in when it started advertising on Television and Newspapers with very high budgets, off-course it’s the innocents money but its being spent but these smart managers of the company trying to make the game to a very big level.
The problem now is that there have been many similar companies like Unipay2u, Visarev, Global Index Wing, StockGuru India, TVI Express, Japan Life, Quantum Funds Online etc which have already been closed in the past few years and this new company ie should also follow them. Below is a video which was covered by Star News giving Indians a big news on why you should avoid all these online surveys firms and stop dreaming about making big money online without hard work.

Finally if you still are not going to believe the above mentioned video or the suggestions given above then go ahead and get a PIN because these people are going to increase the prices from Rs 11,000 to Rs 15,000 on 20th may and you may not find any better opportunity to loose money.
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