Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Advertise/Promote your Facebook application for Free

We understand how difficult it can be for individual developers to build the initial userbase. Even if you have a killer idea and great design but without the initial thrust, your application won’t get the userbase that it deserves. 

For solving this problem faced by developers we came up with this new website which allows you to showcase your facebook applications for free and get more installs. 

It operates on the concept of credits or virtual currency. When you join you get some credits and you can offer these credits as incentive to others to view/install your apps. You can earn free credits by referring your friends to the website or viewing other facebook applications, following other Tweeples, viewing Youtube videos or visiting other websites. 

There is no dearth of options to earn free credits and you can build your userbase pretty quickly without spending a single penny. Hope you find this website useful and looking forward to checking out your cool app.

Use the link below to join the network:-

Why use LetUsFollow.com?
  • Get free Twitter Followers
  • Get more Youtube views
  • Get more Youtube subscribers
  • Showcase your Facebook pages
  • Get free website visits
  • Increase your Facebook application installs
  • Target country, gender, age-group and interests
  • In accordance with twitter,facebook and youtube
  • Completely free!
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