Friday, July 22, 2011

Google+ Hits 20 Million Users with improved Gender Ratio

23 July 2011
Google+ has hit 20 million unique visitors, 60% of whom are 18 to 25 years old and 63% of whom are male, according to comScore.
Only 5 million of those visitors are from the U.S., according to the data. The next biggest audience for Google+ is in India, which is closing in on 3 million visitors.

Austin, Texas, ranks highest in the U.S. for Google+ penetration. New York is the biggest market, but when comparing the number of unique visitors in the city to its large population, it doesn’t make the list of top indexing U.S. cities. A recent report from Hitwise offered a breakdown of Google+’s U.S. market share, showing New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco were driving the most traffic to the network.
Andrew Lipsman, vice president of industry analysis at comScore, says despite some claims that Google+ growth has slowed, he has never seen a web property take off so quickly. Lipsman, who has been studying web traffic figures for six years, says Twitter’s growth in the spring of 2009 from 4 million uniques to 20 million uniques comes the closest, but that took Twitter a few months.
ComScore also found that despite early reports that Google+ visitors were nearly all male, the ratio is now 63:37, which is closer to Hitwise’s recent figures. For a deeper dive into the data, see the charts below:
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