Sunday, September 4, 2011

Join HawaHawa and share your Facebook photos on Twitter!

Now you can share your Facebook Photos on your Twitter account with HawaHawa application.

HawaHawa is a new service that has been created in order to let you do that. By granting the service access to your Facebook account and then authenticating who you are on Twitter, you'll be able to have images simultaneously shared on both social services.

All you have to do is to individualize the Facebook album whose photos you want to share with your Twitter followers. And each photo that you share like this can also be accompanied by a message of its own, that you are writing specifically for the occasion. This message will be displayed on your Twitter timeline, so that the chances on anything that you share being taken out of context simply aren't there.

HawaHawa is sure to let all those who turn to social services to chronicle their daily lives do so in a more time-effective way. And the service is completely free to use, too.

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