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Reliance 3g Tariff | 3G Plans | Data Card Prices

Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband:-

Broadband on USB Data Cards
3G Mobile Broadband service enables high-speed wireless Internet access through 3G handsets and 3G
USB data cards (dongles). The Reliance 3G Mobile Broadband is available to all subscribers at an unrestricted speed upto 21 Mbps.

Reliance 3G Data Cards will be available at the following prices:

- 7.2 Mbps USB Data Card: Rs. 2,599
- 21.6 Mbps USB Data Card: Rs. 4,499

The 3G USB Data Cards are SIM based devices, similar to handsets.

Customers will have to purchase a Reliance SIM card and select the desired prepaid or postpaid data plan.

Plan Rental Usage Charges Validity
Pay As You Go No Rental 10p / 10KB 3 months

Volume (GB) Based Plan

Plan Name Price Pack Validity Free Quota
3G Pack 100 MB Rs. 100 30 days 100 MB
3G Pack 250 MB Rs. 199 30 days 250 MB
3G Pack 500 MB Rs. 399 30 days 500 MB
3G Pack 1 GB Rs. 649 30 days 1 GB
3G Pack 2 GB Rs. 749 30 days 2 GB
3G Pack 3 GB Rs. 899 30 days 3 GB
3G Pack 5 GB Rs. 1,199 30 days 5 GB
3G Pack 10 GB Rs. 1,499 30 days 10 GB
3G Pack 15 GB Rs. 1,799 30 days 15 GB
3G Pack 21 GB Rs. 2,100 30 days 21 GB
Prepaid Day Pack  Rs. 20 till midnight 25 MB
Prepaid Week Pack  Rs. 98 7 days 125 MB

Important: Both prepaid and postpaid customers currently having GPRS packs (MobileNet 29, MobileNet 51, MobileNet 99, MobileNet 5 Day Pack)
will be kept at 2G speeds till the time:
- Prepaid: GPRS pack validity expires. After that they move to 3G Pay As You Go
- Postpaid: Customer buys a 3G Data plan (otherwise they continue to be on their GPRS plan as it is continued every billing cycle)

Reliance 3G Mobile TV:-

Reliance 3G Mobile TV enables the customers to watch live TV channels on their mobile phones. The customer will have access to 120 channels across genres. Also available is deferred content and video on demand. The service is available through a downloadable client application, as well as through the WAP portal. The client is available for about 85% of the handsets available in the market.
Mobile TV Pricing for Reliance is subscription based. Once the customers download the client, they can subscribe to packages or individual channels through the client itself. The subscription packs are available for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans for packs and individual channels.
There is no separate charge for data used while watching mobile TV, and data usage will not count towards the free quota if the customer is a 3G data plan subscriber.

The mobile TV subscription packs available are:

Pack Channel count Subscription Price Auto Renewal
    Daily Weekly Monthly  
News 15 Rs. 25 Rs. 75 Rs. 150 No
Kids 15 Rs. 25 Rs. 75 Rs. 150 No
Fun 15 Rs. 25 Rs. 75 Rs. 150 No
Devotional 5     Rs 100 No
Mega 75 Rs. 50 Rs. 100 Rs. 250 No
Single Channel 1 Rs. 10 Rs. 35 Rs. 75 No
There is no charge for downloading the mobile TV client application.

 Reliance 3G Combo Bundled Packs:-

Reliance 3G Prepaid and Postpaid Bundled Packs have been designed to create an integrated offer for 3G services at launch. The plans have been designed to bundle Voice, SMS and 3G Data usage at an attractive price.“No Restrictions, No Conditions – Complete Freedom”

The packs will feature complete data usage freedom for the customers. The customer will be able to use the bundled data through any access mode – on the handset, through phone-as-a-modem mode by connecting the handset to the PC, and even putting the SIM card into a USB data card.
There will be no restrictions on speed. The customers will be able to access the network at unrestricted speeds – up to 21 Mbps – the best the network can offer.

Prepaid Bundled Plans
Prepaid Combo Packs Pack Price Voice Minutes SMS Data
3G Super Combo Rs. 299 300 100 200 MB
Rs. 699 600 600 500 MB
Also available as first recharges in denomination of Rs. 300 and Rs. 700
Both packs are monthly packs (30 DAYS VALIDITY)

Postpaid Bundled Plans
Postpaid Combo Plans Monthly Rental Voice Minutes SMS Data
3G Super Combo Rs. 199 300 50 50 MB
Overage charge: 50p / min 50p / SMS Default PAYG
Rs.499 1,000 600 100 MB
Overage charge: 50p / min 50p / SMS Default PAYG
3G ULTIMATE Combo Rs. 2,499 6,000 6,000 5 GB
Overage charge: 50p / min 50p / SMS Default PAYG

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