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Most Harmful Products: Top 10

All kinds of products can not be found now in our shops! Their range is increasing every year, but the quality is often still leaves much to be desired. What products can be considered the most dangerous, and what - most useful for your health? How to avoid mistakes and to choose not only tasty but also qualitative? Try to understand in this together. 10 of the most harmful products that are worth is as little as possible or abandon them altogether

In order not to risk the health, nutritionists recommend to refuse products that contain large amounts of artificial food additives, sugar, salt, fat, and those that are prepared using techniques of smoking, grilling or frying. More after the break...

01. Refined Sugar
Refined sugar, which is derived from beet and cane sugar, not for nothing is considered one of the most harmful products: it has no vitamins or minerals, or dietary fiber, and at the same time it contains a lot of calories. Sugar triggers the development of a whole bunch of diseases of the endocrine (diabetes, obesity), cardiovascular (ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis), gastro-intestinal, respiratory, kidney, and, of course, teeth - from elementary to decay periodontitis and reduces resistance to various to infection.

02. Salt
A healthy adult requires only 5 grams of salt per day. We tend to eat much more - 10-15 grams of salt! However, excessive consumption of it causes the development of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, accumulation of toxins and, accordingly, the appearance of malignant tumors. The elderly, and those who suffer from heart disease and kidney disease, should eat no more than 2 grams of salt a day, but better not to salt the food.

03. Sausage
In sausages, frankfurters, sausages lot of fat, including the so-called hidden, artificial food additives and salt. Their composition also includes vegetable rice or soy derivatives, a significant number of which (up to 85%!) Are grown now using the technology of genetic engineering. Smoked contain a large number of carcinogens. A taste of sausages, frankfurters and sausages attached ... MSG, which some scientists believe, causes drug addiction and the development of many diseases. In addition, if there are products constantly, there is a risk of substantially disrupt the nervous system.

04. Margarine
Margarine - this is not an analogue of butter, as many believe. This product - the real surrogate: it contains hydrogenated, synthetic fats and plenty of "flavored" with preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes. Contained trans fats in margarine are high in calories, are toxic and tend to accumulate in the body. I should add that this dangerous product is used in many kinds of baking: biscuits, cakes, biscuits, etc., which are sold in stores.

05. Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise contains a large amount of fat, including saturated, and carbohydrate, and sodium, vinegar and all sorts of artificial additives - flavoring and coloring alternatives. In some cases, this product can be stored for six months or more - you can imagine how dangerous to health may be such a "delicacy"! Diseases of the heart and blood vessels, stomach and intestines, metabolism and obesity - this is not a complete list of side effects, which makes a habit of eating mayonnaise flavor.

06. Bouillon cubes, noodles and instant soups
This "fast food" consists of a solid chemistry in the bouillon cubes, soups includes noodles and food additives - flavor enhancers (including MSG), acidity regulators, dyes and a large amount of salt. You are really fast ... can "put" with their help your liver, kidneys and at the same time, because these products contain and secrete many toxic substances, especially if you fill them with boiling water directly into a plastic bag.

07. Fast food (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, chips, etc.)
On the dangers of fast food a lot said and written. These products contain a large amount of fat, including synthetic, salt, artificial additives, carcinogens and cause serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, cerebral infarction, cancer, arthritis, hormonal imbalance, infertility, obesity, as well as irreversible changes in the immune system . Another minus - addictive, because of time fast-food starts cause in children and adults dependence similar to the drug.

08. Preserves
The habit of constantly replacing fresh organic foods canned anything good to our health promises. After so many favorite delicacies at the glass and tin cans contain many harmful substances, preservatives, flavor enhancers, fragrances, dyes, etc., a large amount of salt and sugar. During processing, the products of their structure and taste vary considerably, lost many nutrients, including some vitamins. And if the production technology is broken, canned food can cause poisoning, and quite heavy.

09. Carbonated beverages
The composition of Coke, Pepsi and various soft drinks and other "fast utoliteley thirst" is a lot of sugar, artificial additives (preservatives, acidulants, sweeteners, flavoring agents, emulsifiers, food dyes), and various acids, soda, and carcinogens. Some drinks contain caffeine, extract of coca leaves, and other unsafe stimulants. Sufficiently harmful and gas, which is an irritant to the gastric mucosa.

10. Alc0h0l
On the dangers of alc0h0l know everything, but still use it every year is increasing. Alc0h0l is the third after cardiovascular disease and cancer cause of mortality, it significantly increases the risk of injuries, dozens of times - the probability of committing suicide, in addition, in a state of intoxication occurs about half the murders. Alc0h0l has an increased load on the various organs and body systems: kidneys, liver (which can bring to cirrhosis), cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract (leading to gastritis, peptic ulcer disease) and others.
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