Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Make Money Earn Money from Pinterest | Monetize your Pinterest account now - Viraliti Review

Have you heard a lot that Pinterest is goldmine for Internet Marketers? But You are not able to find any method to earn money from your Pinterest account? Don't worry, Now you can start making money with your Pinterest account just by pinning. 

There is a PPC network named Viraliti for Pinterest which pays you per click you get from your Pins. Viraliti runs on a very innovative way where influential Pinterest users (having 1000+ followers) endorse brands by pinning images to their personal boards from the available ad campaigns on Viraliti. Viraliti is the first and only Pay Per Click ad network on Pinterest. What it means is that brands pay for only valid clicks that these sponsored pins generate. Pinterest users earn per click and there is no guessing required to set the cost of a sponsored pin. Viraliti has advanced fraud detection algorithms in place to prevent any fraudulent clicks. Viraliti also provides detailed analytics for advertisers and publishers about the campaign. Viraliti is the adwords for Pinterest in true sense. 

Brands/advertisers/internet marketers create display ad campaigns and set their campaign description (which actually goes as the description of the pin), cpc and total budget and once they pay via paypal, their campaign becomes active on Viraliti and available to publishers for pinning. Then publishers who are basically influential Pinterest users pin it onto their boards. Publishers monetize these pins whenever their followers click on them. Even when the sponsored pin is repinned by someone, the publisher earns for clicks that these repinned images get. 

Viraliti is currently concentrating on the ad network model and wants to be the leader in Pinterest pay per click advertising domain. However the future plan includes interactive and engaging games/contests on Pinterest which will enable brands to better engage users on Pinterest and drive more traffic to their websites. Viraliti has the mission to become the one-stop marketing platform for Pinterest.

Our Review


  • Good Payouts
  • Only $30 Minimum Cashout Threshold
  • Payments via Paypal and Bank Transfers for Indians
  • Three Tier Referral System


  • Very Few Campaigns at the moment.

So If you have good Influence on Pinterest then you must Join Viraliti

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