Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ramlila Maidan Still Full of Public | India Against Corruption | We Support Anna

The Ramlila Ground in New Delhi is still buzzing with slogans of Anna Hazare's supporters and the city, too, is not lagging far behind as far as the movement launched by India Against Corruption (IAC) is concerned.

Songs, music, rallies, speeches and slogans marked Saturday's protest at Dighalipukhuri as the number of supporters kept on growing throughout the day. About 2000 students from city's schools and colleges took out a procession carrying anti-corruption placards and shouting slogans "Anna tum sangharsh kro hum tumhare saath hain". Later, they thronged Dighalipukhri.

Later in the day, another batch of 200 students from different law colleges tuned up at Dighalapukhri, keeping security forces on their toes all throughout the day. The number of people joining the protest venue has been growing since Anna's arrest. In fact, the NCP office at Dighalipukhri, the protest venue, has literally turned into a meeting ground for both youths and olds. Litterateur Homen Borgohain, former DGP Nishinath Changkakoti and former bureaucrat Rohini Baruah shared space with youths. Many prominent senior citizens, who could not attend the protest, however, expressed their solidarity with the movement. Octogenarian Padma Hazarika, who participated in the 1942 Quit India Movement, said Anna's agitation was indeed the second independence movement.

"I joined the Quit India Movement during our struggle against the colonial power. To me, Anna's movement is the second independence movement to free our country from the clutches of corruption. Anna has really revived the Gandhian way of protest," said Hazarika. In the evening, more supporters, mostly women, gathered at Dighalipukhri dressed in colourful costumes, representing different ethnic communities of the state.

Saturday's protest was pepped up with songs and music in the evening. From patriotic songs to cultural music, all were belted out by performers to keep the tempo of anti-corruption up. "We had cultural performances and a candlelight procession as part of our ongoing IAC movement. The enthusiasm of children and youths was great. Everyone is joining the movement in a spontaneous manner," said Assam branch IAC joint secretary Gurpreet Singh.

Despite the surge in the number of protesters, there was a sense of relaxation among security personnel. "These people are doing their movement in the most peaceful manner. So, we have less to worry about any law and order problem. We are alert but not worried," a security personnel said.
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