Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hacking group plans to 'Murder' Facebook on November 5

12 August

Faceboook recently issued a death threat. Cyber Space is abuzz as an internet hacking group has announce their intention to “destroy” the site by november 5 in a recent video on You tube.

According to the video , the reason behind they want to deface facebook as facebook is selling it’s members account information to goverment or other agencies.

You can watch the video below:-

The Anonymous Internet hacking group plans to "kill" Facebook. According to a Fox News report they call it "Operation Facebook". The group have announced that it attempts to do so on 5th November .

In a YouTube video, the hacking group warns, "Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed."

The group calls people willing to protect their privacy to join them for the cause.

It claimed the social network, based in Palo Alto,Calif., provides information to "government agencies" so they can "spy on people."

While not necessarily a single entity, Anonymous links hackers across the word with the goal of committing acts of civil disobedience online.

The Anonymous Internet hacking group claims to have "defaced and destroyed" the websites of scores of US police agencies in retaliation for the arrests of cyber attack suspects.
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