Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is Friendship day being commercialized too much?

Friendship is a relationship which is not made in heaven. It is made on earth by us and it this the most precious of all relationship. True friends are a gift which every human being craves for. We meet new people everyday in our life. But we make friends with few of them. True friends always stand by us in our tough times. To celebrate the spirit of friendship, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day every year. This year i.e., 2011, the friendship day is on 7th of August.

Friendship day is a very popular event which is celebrated throughout the world and is commercialized heavily by companies dealing with greetings cards, flowers, bands etc. On this day, teenagers send their friends cards, gifts, bands etc.
The latest trend is to send online vitual gifts. Friends post photos on facebook walls of friends. They also post friendship poems, quotes and messages on friend’s facebook walls and orkut scrapbooks.
Mobile networks also make a lot of money on this day as people specially teenagers send lots of sms to their friends wishing them Happy Friendship Day.
This is really a shame how MNCs and Mobile networks have commercialised this nobel event and diluted the importance of friendship. So next time you send an sms or post on your friends’ facebook wall or orkut scrapbook, ask yourself “Do I really need to send this message, isn’t our friendship strong enough and above these. Isn’t a hug enough to wish my dearest friend.”
I sincerely hope that our current generation understand the true meaning of friendship day and wish their friends in more innovative manner. However for the masses, here is a link where you can find all that you would need to post on your friends wall.
Some innovative ideas which you can apply to wish your friends on Friendship day are:-
1) Create a photo collage of your friends photos and gift it to them.
2) Record a Friendship poem in your voice and gift it to them.
3) For the tech-savvy dudes out there, use create a video of yourself wishing your friends in front of the webcam and upload it to youtube.
4) If you really are crazy about Facebook, go ahead create a page for all your friends and invite all of them to it.
5) Make a greetings card by hand. Believe me it is more personal and your friends will treasure it.
If you are the lazy kind and fiind the above steps too cumbersome, here I have compiled everything for you. Go ahead and send Friendship day messages,sms,quotes,poems and scraps to your friends.
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